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1/20 - Chained to a tree to protect it from the multitude of landmines.
2/20 - Amputee who lost her leg to a landmine while working her field.
3/20 - Camping outside their destroyed home.
4/20 - Abandoned military equipment doubles as playground.
5/20 - Refugees returning from neighbouring Ethiopia to their homes in Somaliland.
6/20 - Picking up the pieces. A streetside shop selling cigarettes.
7/20 - Shelter for the elderly.
8/20 - Multi resistant tuberculosis is rampant in the refugee camps in the Ethiopian Ogaden desert.
9/20 - Hospital in Burao.
10/20 - Due to lack of transport this girl is taken to hospital in a wheelbarrow.
11/20 - Severe case of untreated malaria.
12/20 - Insecurity and millions of landmines prevent farmers to work their fields. Malnourishment being the result.
13/20 - Severe malnourishment.
14/20 - Dwelling of internally displaced in Berbera.
15/20 - Ogaden Desert refugee camp.
16/20 - Firewood is scarce and has to be collected from ever longer distances.
17/20 - Sick and weak, no medical services available and just a small bag of beans for food remaining.
18/20 - Widow in refugee camp.
19/20 - SNM rebels in hospital area in Hargeisa.
20/20 - Digging for water in the dry riverbed.